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4 comments on “Awards

  1. bigsmileu1 says:

    I have nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012 Award. Congratulations for your wonderful blog. Please pick up your award at Blessings…Jamie 🙂

  2. Jim Strenger says:

    I’ve enjoyed your stories very much. My one question ls : why name most of the cooks Biscuit? was that something that you picked up, or just came out of your head? thanks for the refreshing stories.

    • Jim, I use biscuit for 2 reasons. One, on trail drives and on ranches, a cook was worth their weight in gold if they could cook well. A good cook was in high demand and many cowboys actually took jobs depending on who the cook was. In history, there were numerous foul names for trail cooks because they couldn’t cook well, for obvious reasons, most of the times the name was never spoken to the cooks face.. Many of these were just cowboys too old or too busted up to be much good on the trail as a cowboy anymore. On the other end were cooks who really knew how to cook and since they were in high demand they cooked for many outfits. A good cook was never unemployed. Biscuits were a very important part of each meal and being named after them was a feather in your cap. Secondly, Ranch and trail cooks ran in my family with my wife continuing the tradition many years ago as the ranch cook I was then foreman of. Many days when the ranch hands left to go about their work you’d find my wife’s delicious Southern buttermilk biscuits stuffed in their saddle bags. It were these ranch hands that nick named my wife “Biscuits”. To honor her I use that name for my cook characters. Thanks for reading my tales. JW

  3. Sun Chasing says:

    Apppreciate this blog post

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