ABC Award


The Campfireshaddows blog  was nominated for the ABC award By Thank you Amy for your support!

There are the rules in order to accept this award, and they are…

1. Use the alphabet to describe yourself.
2. Pass the award on to however many nominees you want.

3. Thank the person who nominated you

A – Absent minded.   B- Bloviates.   C- Confused a lot.   D- Dang! (a word I like to say).   E- Edwards, my last name.   F- Funny.  G- Grumpy (not!).   H- History buff.   I- Imbecile.  J- Joe, my first name.   K- Kahoona ( my nickname in high school).   L- Laughs a lot.   M- Micro manager.   N- Nut job!   O- Over eater.   P- Procrastinator.   Q- Questions everything.   R- Reasonable.   S- Social.  T- trusting.   U- underachiever.   V- Very broke!   W- Writer (amateur at best ).   X- Xanax… I need some after writing all this!   Y- Young at heart!    Z- Zzzz, How I snore.


Congratulations! To the following blogs I’ve chosen to receive the ABC Blog Award!

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6 comments on “ABC Award

  1. tbnranch says:

    Ha ha, love the descriptions! I’m mad at myself for leaving out X in mine… Of course Xanex, what was I thinking!

  2. Ha, good list! XYZ are tough–you done good! And, congrats, of course.

  3. How kind you are! Thank you. I wonder, are you a photographer? Your pictures are like paintings.

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