Whadda’ ya’ mean there’s a new venue in town?


Does anyone remember the Saturday afternoon movie matinee?

Besides the main feature, there was an assortment of short clips shown beforehand to stretch out your theater experience and give you plenty of time at the candy counter. Some were informative since a lot of folks still had no TV. Movietone News reels were one of these that I remember well. The same man each week expounded in his booming voice the latest news on world events or a patriotic theme showing one of the Army’s latest missile test. As a kid, a lot of this was exciting stuff!

Another short that was shown just before the main feature was usually the series Western. When you heard the familier introduction, it meant ‘get to your seats pronto’. These five to ten  minute western were shown in a continuation or series that if you saw every episode, eventually ended up letting you see a full length movie… just in a number of short reels. Each weeks reel ended with either the hero or his girl looking death in the eye. The next week of course would start with their miraculous escape only to discover themselves in another cliff hanger ending.

What ever happened to these shorts? Today I guess the movie folks out in Hollywood figure a “Preview” of upcoming movies is a good replacement. Good for them, not so good for us. I miss the serial shorts that warned the main feature was about to begin.

The Western has come a long way since G.M. Anderson, Tom Mix or William S. Hart graced our screens. Technology and special effects has brought what was once a stretch of the imagination (37 shots per pistol) to such realistic filming as seen in the remake of True Grit. While I enjoy viewing the old silent Western movie and all their shenanigans from time to time, I much prefer eating my popcorn to the likes of Kevin Costner in Open Range.

So you may ask, if we’ve come this far in technology and viewing protocol, then what venue for the Western is next? Well, I think I got the answer.

The short!

Yup folks, you heard me, the short. Now I don’t know if my friend who is emotionally, financially and burning up hours upon hours of creating this ‘new’ venue would agree with me but I’ll let you decide who’s right.

The latest in watching a Western is on your I-pad or tablet. My friend not only captures the essence of a good Western film, but he  understood today’s time constraints most younger viewers have. So… can you spare 6 minutes to watch a great Western? Yes you can! Forget the popcorn though, you won’t have the time.

Here is the Pilot for this new Western venue. I guarantee, it will leave you wanting more!  JW

View online at; www.youtube.com/embed/iF14gYKhxDA?list=UUjBHhMQDVsJs35s7nuOaiAA

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6 comments on “Whadda’ ya’ mean there’s a new venue in town?

  1. I loved Hopalong Cassidy. I had a watch too with him on dial.

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  3. tbnranch says:

    Hey thanks for posting this, I’ll go check it out soon as I finish the barn chores! :)

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